Oscars class photo: Seven things we spotted

The picture sees 163 of this year’s nominees gathered together and smiling away, but zoom in and there is a whole lot more going on.

Here are just seven of the things we spotted in this year’s photo.


All of this year’s male nominees are dressed smartly in tuxes and suits. Well, almost all.

The “dress code” memo must have gone into Pharrell’s junk email inbox, because he turned up wearing a green baseball cap and grey sweater.

To be fair – the sweater does have the Nasa logo on it, a reference to best picture nominee Hidden Figures.

Pharrell wrote several songs for the soundtrack to the film, which tells the story of three African-American women who worked behind the scenes at the space agency in the 1960s.



Love Actually cast to reunite for Comic Relief film

Red Nose Day Actually will be written by Richard Curtis and star Hugh Grant, Keira Knightley and Colin Firth.

Liam Neeson, Bill Nighy and Rowan Atkinson will also appear in the film, which sets out to discover what the original characters are doing in 2017.

The 10-minute sequel will be shown on 24 March on BBC One as part of the Red Nose Day appeal.

Many have suggested a tribute to the late Alan Rickman, who starred in the original.

Another suggestion tweeted to Freud involved Atkinson’s character, who was seen in the original as a shop assistant

source:bbc http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-38985435

Carpool Karaoke: What we learned from the first trailer

A celebrity jumping into a car and singing with James Corden has been a staple of The Late Late Show since he took over as host in March 2015.

But now it’s becoming a in its own right, with new episodes released every week on Apple Music.

The gives us a little taste of what to expect from the 16-epis

Carpool Karaoke _94654612_95ca9f3d-c750-41ec-9421-fe54bcdaefbeis no longer confined by silly little details like, you know, actually being in a car.

“This is the next level,” says Will Smith, as he guides James Corden towards a waiting helicopter at one point in the trailer. Gravity schmavity.

Appropriately, the first song they sing once they are in said aircraft is, of course, R Kelly’s I Believe I Can Fly.

Reports that they also belted out a rendition of Westlife’s Flying Without Wings could not be immediately confirmed.



At one point, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane and singer and all-round awesome person Ariana Grande are shown standing by the parked car.

Earlier in the trailer, they had been seen beautifully singing a song from The Little Shop of Horrors. All sweet and innocent and lovely.

But look a little closer – and the plot takes a much darker turn. They appear to have pulled up across TWO disabled parking spaces.

Ariana is going to have to give us at least six new masterpieces of Side To Side-level quality to redeem herself.

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Thai police raid Dhammakaya temple in hunt for wanted monk

Officers began raiding the site on Thursday after previous attempts were thwarted when thousands of the monk’s devotees turned up in his defence.

The Wat Dhammakaya temple was earlier placed under military control.

The spiritual leader is believed to be hiding inside the large compound.

Phra Dhammajayo is accused of embezzling funds from the huge temple in Bangkok, but when officers attempted to search the site last June they were blocked by his supporters.

The 72-year-old abbot has remained inside the temple for months, saying he is too ill to face officials. He denies the allegations and says they are politically motivated.


Earlier on Thursday hundreds of police and soldiers surrounded the site, blocking the roads leading to and from the temple and putting the area under military control.

“We are sealing off the temple and after that we will search all the buildings,” said Col Paisit Wongmaung, head of the Department of Special Investigations (DSI).

“If [the abbot] thinks he is innocent he should surrender and enter judicial process,” he said.

Some 4,000 police and military were deployed with blockades “prohibiting anyone from entering or leaving”, the temple said in a statement.

There have been several failed attempts to persuade the former abbot to leave the temple.

source: bbs

This is have MacBook charger Apple should !

The MacBook’s goliath control connector isn’t ideal for every condition and using the created wire is awful either. In the occasion that you’ve ever continue running into burden endeavoring to associate with Apple convenient workstation for a smart charge, then another embellishment from US association Ten One Design could be just the ticket.

The Blockhead, as it’s decently unceremoniously named, is a side-standing up to fitting that just snaps onto you’re existing charger (with a “strong mechanical handle”, no less) and is only an inch thick.